Dragons vs. Gore Court, Sittingbourne, 2008

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Dragons vs. Gore Court, Sittingbourne, 2008

Dragons win by 9 wickets.

Sunday 10th August 2008.

The gloriousness that is Sittingbourne awaited the Dragons!

New recruits were welcomed including Simon Wade who had his normal pre-match face of ‘why do I do this?’ and Chris Churchman, becoming more like the Chairman each year when he used to play at Sittingbourne – Arrive late, talk to everyone on the boundary, get changed slowly!

Sittingbourne were inserted and what followed became a predictable pattern over the coming days. We try and bowl fast, they smash the crap out of it, Captain Arnold looks round at the bowling alternatives, Captain Arnold thinks… oh dear!

This was particularly true today as their opening batsman (U19 England starlet and jovial Sittingbourne character) deposited us wherever he felt fit. After 20 overs the score had soared to 200 or the lass of just the 1 wicket.

We knew though that the chance would come and that when it did, we must take it. It duly arrived – Captain Arnold dropped it – not to worry, the next one would be along soon – it came – Captain Arnold dropped it again!

Cunningly though, Captain Arnold thinking tha the batsman hadn’t hit many straight ones, brought himself onto bowl, Mr Wade safely took the catch three balls later.

John Mihill, buoyed by the Captains backing of ‘you keep going as you’re only going for 9 an over’ then had the dangerous South African plum bowled.

Parity and normality were restored, and so in the final 20 overs, only 47 were added as they finished on 247.

There was though time for an Ian Mihill special with his attempt to take a catch using just his heart. Gladly his hands though did appear just in time to help soften the inevitable collapse to the ground once the catch had been felled.

So into tea where, much to the disgust of Jo Farrant, there was a big bowl of curry waiting for the players.

Our innings began with Churchman, who was now changed and Cody opening up. Not quite the fireworks of the Sittingbourne innings but we too started brightly. Once Cody perished for a well made 28, Churchman was joined by Timmy Gold’s steady progress towards the target was made. Once the obligatory Churchman century was completed, the charge towards the target quickened and with opposition dummy’s well and truly spat, victory was achieved with Timmy smashing a couple of massive straight sixes. Poor Badger Davies, languishing at no.4 was let without a bat, he would though reek his revenge on Churchman at the evening cards.

Gore Court 24 for 6 off 40 overs

Tom Farrant 2- 43

John Mihill 2 – 48

Dragons 249 for 1 off 38.4 overs

Chris Churchman – 137 n.o.

Tim Golds – 60 n.o.

Dragons win by 9 wickets.

Back to the Rose & Crown, still no curry but solace was found once more in the missels. The party was boosted by the arrival of Mr & Mrs S Arnold and a debut for Olivia at just 7 weeks old.

So the cards again and George Michael, inspired by the presence of daughter Becky, reeled off hand after hand and he was joined by Fiona and Jo’s replacements, Tom Farrant and Timmy Mihill in sharing the good tidings. Tim and Tim have found a simple winning formula when playing card’s, don’t drink Alcohol & then play cards with people who have. One could argue this is not etiquette on Dragons, their time will come though I’m sure.

The rest of us did have a chance to reel back a large amount of losses in the last blind hand, Captain Arnold bagging half the money with Churchman/Mihill partnership poised to take the other half until the steely Badger flicked his last card ala Mr Robert Redford, to take the spoils.